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Potato and Spinach Frittata with Goats Cheese and Pesto

Frittatas are fabulous, easy to make, healthy dishes and the best part is you can pretty much put in what you want! I have made them with chorizo and tomatoes, salmon and asparagus, broccoli and leek. It’s like a pizza without the pizza dough!! This is one of my go-to recipes but feel free to mix it up depending what your own taste is. 


Before you begin you will need a deep pan to cook this in. If you have a mandolin or a processor that can slice the potato very thinly, great if not, don’t worry just use a good knife.


This serves 2 good portions and should be served with a fresh green salad



4 eggs

1 medium-sized potato

3 spring onions (scallions) thinly sliced

Large bunch of spinach washed

20 ml milk of your choice

Salt and pepper to taste

Soft goats cheese

Pesto of choice




First, thinly slice the potato, (use a mandolin if yu have one) put in a bowl of cold water and wash to remove extra starch. Pat dry with kitchen paper.


Put one tbs oil or butter into a pan, on a low heat cook the spring onions for a few minutes. Add the potatoes slice and cover on a low heat for 10/15 min. Check and turn every ⅘ minutes.


Whisk up eggs, add salt and pepper and milk in a bowl.


Once potatoes have softened and have become golden in colour put in the spinach and cover for 3-4 minutes. Pour in the egg mixture and cook on the hob for another 3 – 4 min. I then place the pan under the grill to cook the top part of the Frittata. This can vary on time depending on the grill but check every few minutes and once the egg mixture has slightly coloured you know it is done. 


Take out and put a few dollops of soft goats cheese and pesto. I make my own pesto as its so simple but use a store bought one if you have not your own homemade.


Serve with a lovely green salad and some simple dressing. 

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