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Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms – Medicinal Range


New Stockist – Ballyhoura Mushrooms Medicinal Range

Dr Lucy Deegan & Mark Cribbin, a microbiologist and a food scientist (A perfect combination to try and understand and attempt to demystify the magical world of fungi)

Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms is based in the Ballyhoura Mountains bordering the counties of Cork, Limerick & Tipperary in Ireland. Their initial aim was very simply to grow and supply the finest possible fresh Irish Gourmet Mushrooms and Foraged Wild Irish Mushrooms to chefs and the general public who valued their provenance and freshness over imported and repacked mushrooms.

It came about in 2011, due to a hobby that literally mushroomed itself into a business that now grows in excess of 14 varieties of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms year-round. Their mushrooms are predominantly grown on various specific wood substrates and all are grown organically in the absence of chemicals or pesticides. In addition, they also forage throughout the year for seasonal wild mushrooms and plants.

Having access to and complete control of an amazing raw material source allowed them to develop and manufacture a complete range of mushroom-based products encompassing Dried Mushrooms, Seasonings, Meal Kits, Vinegars, Oils, Ketchups, Pesto’s and Teas used by both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Over the years utilising our scientific backgrounds They began to research and develop a medicinal range of mushroom products initially “Super D Shiitake” a Vitamin D enriched Shiitake mushroom that provided complete RDA of Vitamin D in just 2 mushrooms and now comprises of a complete range of Medicinal Mushroom Powders, Extracts, Teas & Coffees. Once again They developed this capability and manufacturing in-house not utilising contract manufactures to ensure They had complete control and traceability over the complete processes. This culminated in the investment and installation of a Freeze Dryer to allow for the drying of temperature-sensitive mushroom extracts.

With the acquisition of the Freeze Dryer in 2020, it allowed them to develop a range of Freeze Dried Fruit Products including wild and cultivated fruits further complementing our range of products.

Their next step major step was in 2022, with the purchase and installation of an automatic capsule manufacturing plant allowing for the production of up to 5000 capsules per hour. This enhanced capability reinforced their ability to produce commercial quantities of mushroom extracts and supplements without the need for outside contract manufacturing as is the normal procedure for almost all “medicinal mushrooms brands”.

In 2024, they achieved a long-held goal of massively reducing our carbon footprint with the investment and installation of a 17kw Solar Panel system with battery storage, this will virtually reduce our electricity consumption, allowing us to continue to grow our business without the need for fossil fuels in our energy requirements.


To begin with,  I will be stocking 3 types of medicinal mushrooms in powder and capsule form. These will be available in the store in Riverstick, Cork. Lions Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps

Mushrooms, in general, are thought to have many benefits as they’re full of essential nutrients, like protein and antioxidants.

All Ballyhoura Mountain mushroom powders and Extracts are produced in-house, they are not contract-manufactured by third parties


FAQ Powder versus Extracts

Powder is simply dried “fruiting body” i.e. the mushroom

Extracts are produced from dried fruiting bodies to increase the level of desired exopolysaccharides or Triterpenes, the concentration effect is typically an 8:1-10:1concentration effect


Dual Extract versus Single Extract

Single Extract – In the case of mushrooms such as Lions Mane the desired components are polysaccharides

such as Erinacines and Hericerins, these are water soluble therefore subjected to a water extraction process (akin to making an espresso from coffee beans) this extract is then dried with the concentration of these desired polysaccharides increased typically 8 times that of the starting powder with the powder residue mainly consisting of insoluble chitin.

Dual Extract – In the case of Mushrooms such as Reishi it contains both desired water soluble polysaccharides and ethanol soluble triterponoids. In this case initially extraction occurs with ethanol to extract triterponoids which is then dried, a secondary water extraction process is preformed to extract the water soluble components which is then dried and the two powder extract recombined (1:3 ratio)


Dosage/Consumption levels

50g of fresh mushroom is perceived to the minimum requirement for discernible effects this equates to approximately 4grams of dried mushroom powder which equates to one capsule

(based on 8:1 concentration effect, Capsule extracts contain 500mg of extract and 125mg of fruit body)


Specific Mushrooms for Supplementing Diet to aid in the treatment of specific issues

Lions Mane Mushrooms

Cognitive Function, Brain Fog, Immune System Modulation, Lower Cholesterol, Heart Health


Asthma, Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Immune System Stimulation, Lower Cholesterol, Heart Health


Fatigue Issues, Lack of Energy, Heart Health, Athletic performance, Low Libido

Pop into the store to get yours or have a chat.

Clara x

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