From group online classes to bespoke individual classes to reorganizing your kitchen and advising you on food choices everything Clara does is about bring the passion of food into the homes of her clients.

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Cork Food Walking Tours

Walking Food Tours Not to Be Missed

Whether you're on holidays or on a date or just want to do something different then these are a great way to pass a few hours on a Saturday!

What a great way to get a taste of Cork by joining Clara every Saturday on one of her 2 hour walking tours.

You will get to visit some amazing suppliers, cafes and restaurants and get a little taste of the food on offer.

You can then go back and purchase food from those suppliers or book a table at one of the cafes or restaurants you liked on the tour.

This is a fun and tasty walking tour that will be sure to leave you wanting more!

At present tours are not operating due to Covid restrictions but will be up and running as soon as the city is opened up again.

If you would like to be notified of the tours please put in your details below.