From group online classes to bespoke individual classes to reorganizing your kitchen and advising you on food choices everything Clara does is about bring the passion of food into the homes of her clients.

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The Cookover

The Cookover

A makeover for you, your kitchen and your cooking skills

The Cookover is pretty much like a makeover for you, your kitchen and your cooking skills! A lot of our clients either want to improve their cooking skills or want to start to learn but they don’t know how to go about it. We all get into habits and sometimes need a little help to get us where we want to be.

Our Cookover program is designed to ensure you are at ease, have everything you need in your kitchen and start to enjoy the love of cooking.

What this includes

The Full Program

Setting you up for success to become the best cook in a well-organised kitchen and having the support from Clara to make this happen.  See below for each step of the program.

Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen makeover, reorganising your kitchen cabinets, getting you set up for success. Restocking your dry goods. Advising on the equipment you need to be successful.

On our first visit to your house, we review the current set-up and what changes need to be made

On the 2nd visit, we arrive with all the kitchen organisers and help you create a well-organised kitchen that you are going to love cooking from.

Bespoke savoury cooking class

The next step is a tailor-made savoury cooking class from basic techniques to seasoning, using spices and tips for everyday living to make cooking a more enjoyable experience in your home.

Bespoke Baking Class

On the 3rd visit, we cover your baking needs and have some fun creating delicious breads and sweet treats


All the recipes are designed for you. We design recipes based on the foods you eat. Besides the cooking classes, you will also get a booklet of recipes and cooking tips that you can have forever.

Consultation and assistance

Follow up consultation and assistance. We will arrange a call with you for a month after the Program to assess your progress and offer additional support and answer any questions

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